Things I Plan to Watch on Disney+

Disney+ was launched in the UK yesterday. Of course, I got it because I need to find as much to preoccupy me as possible and what else was I going to do? Talk to my family? Good one! Anyway, I had a flick through all the content that was on it and I have made a list of the things that I plan to watch on Disney+


The Simpsons

There is something weird about seeing a show like The Simpsons in amongst shows like Recess and Kim Possible but I’m not going to complain about being able to watch all of The Simpsons. I have even set myself the challenge of watching every episode that is on the streaming service. I might even do a Top 10 episodes for each season so stay tuned for that.


The Mandalorian

This was one of the main reason why I got Disney+. I was sick seeing all these memes and articles about this show and not being able to watch it (legally). I can see what all the fuss is about especially with The Child. I am hoping this is the show that gets me into Star Wars again as I also plan to watch all the Star Wars films as well. Don’t judge me! I have a lot of free time now.


Duck Tales

I never watched the original Duck Tales, I guess I could now but I probably won’t. This is about the new Duck Tales. I was quite excited about it when it was announced as I really liked the cast especially David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck. It’s still weird to think that the main character of a show is called Scrooge and it’s got nothing to do with Christmas.

Gravity Falls

I really enjoyed watching this show but I never finished it. I started watching it with my partner but we never finished it together so this is my chance to finally see what happens in the show. I have a loose idea of what happens in it but I have managed to avoid large spoilers for years somehow. I am going to start it from the beginning so that I know everything that I need to know.


A Bug’s Life

This is a bit of a random one but I have wanted to rewatch this film for a while and now I finally can. It’s a Pixar film that not a lot of people talk about but I think it’s pretty good at least from what I remember of it. I’ll probably end up watching all the Pixar films on Disney+ at some point but I’ll be starting with this one.

pete's dragon

Pete’s Dragon

I don’t really care about any of the live-action remakes of Disney films but I am very interested to watch this film. It’s so weird that this film even exists, I can’t imagine Disney giving someone like David Lowery an opportunity to make a film for them. I really enjoyed A Ghost Story and I am looking forward to The Green Knight so I’ll probably try and watch this to get me into the Lowery spirit.

Have you got Disney+? What have you been watching? Feel free to recommend things that I should watch.

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