I’m running low on things to go and see at the cinema near me. The shortage of films to see left me going to see Firestarter. I’m surprised it stayed in cinemas more than a week but somehow enough people saw it to stay for another week.

I wasn’t expecting much as I’d only seen negative reviews for the film but even I was shocked how poor it was. I think it was one of the most boring films I have seen at the cinema ever. I was really struggling to stay awake.

Normally I can manage even bad films like Morbius and The Nan Movie but this one was a real struggle. I kept having to wake myself up and I was really tempted to just get up and leave. Maybe go watch some paint dry.

There’s nothing here to grab your attention. It feels really bare bones. It feels like a movie that Sony would make using a Spider-Man character no one has heard of. It’s look like a Netflix film that gets dropped and forgotten about immediately.

The only good part of the film was probably the score from John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and David Davies. It’s a great score for such a boring film. It can’t redeem the film but if I closed my eyes and just listened it probably would’ve been a better experience.

Firestarter is hopefully (please God) the most boring film I see this year. I don’t think I could handle anything worse. I’ve said this a few times now and ended up watching something worse but I’m confident it won’t happen again.

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