I remember seeing the trailer for this ages ago. I can’t remember when though but it felt like they started promoting this film really early. I thought it might’ve been some sequel to Truth or Dare at first but luckily it wasn’t. It may have the same goofy smile gimmick as that film but it’s a lot more interesting.

A lot of horror films now are about trauma. Actually a lot of films and TV shows in general are about trauma. Some of them handle it better than others and some of them just do nothing different with it so we just have a bunch of films and TV shows that feel the same.

I don’t think Smile is perfect in terms of its exploration of trauma and the origins of it but I do think it does some interesting horror elements with it. The way the film uses the way that people with mental health are alienated by others to show how the evil entity is able to continue on its path is really interesting.

The idea of trauma being something that can be shared by a group of people being exposed to similar events and the way that it can manifest in different ways are all part of this film’s evil entity. It feeds on trauma and uses it to move from host to host in a really visually powerful way that see at the end. One of my favourite horror endings in recent years.

The design of the evil entity has really stuck with me since I left the cinema. You see an illustration of it that someone drew earlier in the film and it looked pretty cool but it looked different in the end. I was disappointed at first but then it reveals more of itself and it is incredible.

Smile is a film that I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did. I decided to see it after hearing some good word of mouth and I’m glad I did. If you’re looking for something scary to watch in cinemas this Halloween month then I’d definitely recommend Smile.


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